Nofib benchmarking

I’ve decided to do some nofib benchmarking on trees I do have here. Big thanks to Simon Marlow who helped me with fixing bugs in my benchmarking process (initially I’ve been comparing builds with different optimize options and getting strange results). I’ve compared results of unregisterised build when using -fvia-C and when using -fllvm together with registerised builds, one without tables next to code functionality enabled and another with it enabled. Results are summarized in table below. I’m using via-C build as a baseline.

unregisterised viaC unregisterised LLVM registerised LLVM registerised LLVM with tables next to code enabled
binary sizes +0.1% -31.3% -33.3%
allocations -0.0% -0.9% -0.9%
run time -9.9% -47.5% -51.4%
gc time -0.3% -1.6% -2.5%

IMHO -51.4% for runtime on registerised LLVM build with tables next to code enabled in comparison with via-C unregisterised build (which is currently the only available build on ARM/Linux!) is a nice outcome of the project. Click here to see whole results.


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