New hardware: ThinkPad Tablet

My new target hardware for the GHC port arrived a week ago. It is a brand new ThinkPad Tablet which contains NVidia Tegra2 CPU, 1GB RAM and 64GB FLASH. It is also equipped with 3G modem which I’m not using as the price of 3G internet in The Czech Republic is prohibitive (one of the highest in EU!) and I really don’t like to support those greedy carriers.

ThinkPad Tablet accompanied by Tablet's pen and alto recorder showing web page of the Real World Haskell book.

Anyway, this is my first tablet ever and also first tablet with real pen input! I’ve been always dreaming about really personal computer which would work like an “inteligent” diary. This one does have ability to fulfill this dream — at least on the paper. Well, well, everything does have its own set of bugs and ThinkPad Tablet is not different, but I still like it a lot. Especially those application with builtin pen capability, e.g. MyScript Notes. If you don’t know the application, I highly recommend you to see this video to get some idea what’s this about.

Now, what about to have a GHCi editor with pen input? Would be nice, wouldn’t it? 🙂


2 thoughts on “New hardware: ThinkPad Tablet

    • It means that I’d like to have GHCi running on this. So first chroot — if possible and also work on Android port — but here the advantage is that on Android port are also others working…

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