GHC builder board up’n’running

Just to write some status, I’ve dedicated received Freescale i.MX53 Quick Start Board to serve as a GHC builder machine. It’s already running for some time. Installed OS is Ubuntu 11.10 and I’ve installed on it Ubuntu’s 12.04 LLVM 3.0 packages. The builder already caught one issue during the end of February which I’m still trying to solve in my currently very limited free time… If you’d like to see results of the builder, then have a look into cvs-ghc mailing list and search for kgardas-linux-arm-head string in the emails subjects.


2 thoughts on “GHC builder board up’n’running

  1. I checked the logs – I just want to check, this isn’t being cross compiled is it? Also is the i.MX53 similar enough to the beaglebone that the same build procedure that you are using on the freescale can be used on the TI board?

    • hi, no, this is native arm/linux compilation directly on i.MX53. I think that the process is similar on beaglebone….

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